Old Marketing is Dying, Marketing in 2020 Will Be Different

Marketing in 2020 is going to be different than many years ago. 50 years ago or so we were all on TV looking at TV commercials, a lot of print ads, a lot of direct mail, door-to-door, etc. Nowadays people are not going door to door anymore selling the vacuum cleaner or the like. If you’re getting direct mail from a realtor or a credit card company or something like that, a lot of time people are just throwing i,t out just not really looking at it. Email newsletters from 10-15 years ago, people are just unsubscribing. They’re trying to keep their email boxes clean. It’s just so flooded right now. With TV advertising people are usually watching on Netflix and Hulu, and if they are watching on DVR some some other kind of you know actual TV they’re just pre-recording it and fast-forwarding through the commercials. Even when people are driving, radio advertising used to be a big thing but now people are more listening to Spotify or their Podcast . A lot of the traditional media is just being avoided so it’s getting even harder to get attention from people.

New Marketing is the Way

Where is the attention all being going? The best place is to go is where the people are. Where are the people? They are on their phones constantly, constantly, constantly. People (including myself) are looking at their phones. Even when they’re watching a show on Netflix or Hulu they’re still just looking at their phones a lot of time, especially if the show gets boring. People on the internet. So marketing techniques besides the Internet like TV or print ads or email, they are an old old-fashioned way of doing things. They’re just not getting the same amount of attention.

Internet Marketing is the Key

The world is changing right now. So how do we accomplish marketing in 2020? Where is everyone? They’re on social media. That’s a great place to go. They’re on Google googling searches. That’s another great place to go. Those are the places to really invest time and resources in order to get the maximum amount of attention.

Affect on Businesses

As a personal injury attorney, I’m in a very, very competitive market to begin with. So I would try all sorts of things: hosting events, email newsletters, networking, etc. Networking is a good long-term strategy so that you’re meeting more people and people are thinking of you. The way for us to connect is really on social media. So it’s a good thing to devote a lot of time and a lot of resource into online. Online long term strategies like content posting: constantly putting content YouTube videos, Facebook posts Twitter posts, LinkedIn posts (especially if you’re doing B2B, LinkedIn is probably a little more difficult B2C). It’s just good to build that online presence, online branding so that you can get more attention for where you are. Marketing in 2020: people are moving even further away from these traditional media sources and going on to more internet-based sources.

Best of luck to you guys marketing your businesses!


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