Injury From Car Accident Chiropractor

The First Hundred Hours of your Accident is a crucial time. If you believe you sustained an injury from car accident, seeing a medical provider like an orthopedist or chiropractor could be helpful in boosting your claim. The most important thing that you could do right after your accident is to seek medical treatment.

Level of Treatment

Obviously if you’re injured enough in an accident, then you’ll probably be ambulated to the nearest hospital or something like that. But let’s say you’re not. Let’s say you’re feeling some pain here and there. The worst thing that you can do for your case is to wait and not seek treatment. Right after the accident you’re going to want to collect information from witnesses and take photographs, etc. But certainly after you leave the scene of the accident you want to seek medical treatment.

Why Seek Treatment

The reason for seeking treatment immediately after an accident is that the longer you wait the more likely the other side’s insurance is going to say, “well how injured could this person have actually been if they waited so long to go and get medical treatment.”

One of the most important questions after an accident are: “What’s your treatment plan? Are you on a treatment plan? Who are you seeing?” You may need to go see this kind of doctor or that kind of doctor. If you’re sick if you’re getting headaches you might want to see a neurologist. If you’re having back aches you might want to see an orthopedic surgeon. It is very important to get on the right treatment plan so that the insurance company takes you seriously, takes your case seriously, and you should be able to get a better resolution on your case down the line.

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