Los Angeles to Require City Employees Show Proof of Vaccination or Test Weekly

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has announced that all city employees will be required to either show proof of Covid vaccination or undergo weekly Covid testing. This announcement came after Garcetti stated that covid cases are rising dramatically. Garcetti stated that he has “committed to pursuing a full vaccine mandate.” Garrett was unclear about repercussions for employees who do not comply with the mandate. 

“The fourth wave is here, and the choice for Angelenos couldn’t be clearer — get vaccinated or get Covid-19,” Garcetti said Tuesday. “This urgent need means that if you’re a city employee, we’re now going to require you to either show that you’re vaccinated or take a weekly test.”

This is similar to the state mandate as well. San Francisco in Long Beach have announced similar plans. Garcetti stated that only about half of the cities first responders are currently vaccinated.

Mayor Eric Garcetti and City Council President Nury Martinez announced Tuesday.

“We need unvaccinated Angelenos to stop dragging their feet,” Martinez said. “As the largest employer in the city of Los Angeles, this is us doing our part.”

Because of this new mandate, employees may be seriously affected regarding COVID-19 tested in vaccination requirements. Employees are encouraged to consult with experienced employment attorneys to evaluate whether their rights are being protected or violated. Visit our COVID-19 Employee Resource Center for more information.


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