Can an employee be fired for medical reasons?

No, an employer cannot legally terminate an employee due to a medical condition or disability. Doing so would violate the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other state and federal anti-discrimination laws.

However, there are certain circumstances where an employer may be able to terminate an employee for medical reasons, such as if the employee is unable to perform the essential functions of their job even with reasonable accommodations. In these cases, the employer must engage in an interactive process with the employee to determine whether there are any reasonable accommodations that can be made to enable the employee to perform their job.

Additionally, if an employee is taking a leave of absence due to a medical condition, their job may be protected under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) or the California Family Rights Act (CFRA), which require employers to provide job protection and maintain health benefits during the leave period.

If you believe that you have been terminated due to a medical condition or disability, or if you have questions about your rights as an employee with a medical condition, it’s important to seek the advice of a qualified employment attorney like Jonny Law. He can help you understand your legal rights and options, and advocate on your behalf to ensure that your employer is held accountable for any unlawful discrimination or termination.

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